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Dj Nodriza is a passionate DJ and selector in reggae, DnB, breakbeat and Psytrance. With a career spanning 13 years from 2011 he has left his mark on the music scene in and around his hometown with his distinctive sound and exceptional playing skills.
He has performed at many illegal parties built with the former collective and collectives friends of his, the largest being at Viñatek2017 with a 30,000 watt wall and at parties in rooms built in his current collective.
Active member of SolMenguante With a self-built 9000watt sound system in Spain Influenced by broken rhythms, hiphop has grown up mixing DnB from 2011 until 2019 developing it’s mixes focused on Psytrance with breakbeat, an unusual sound that makes you can’t stop moving your body at the dance floor.