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Upcoming Releases

New Release soon

Santox & Fela

VA Compilation – System X

Nick Taylor – Aka Prana, Snake Thing, Rhythmystec, Reflecta. 

J’aime aka Tranceluz

MAXI EP’S:  The unbelievable story of the Baba Battlesnakes 

Combined artists put together to surprise you with some uplifting mind-boggling psychedelic hypnotic masterpieces featuring: Battle Of The Future Buddhas – The Black Knight & more, Ka – Sol – Amazing shit you never knew existed anyway but yes & more, Snakething – Nick Taylor back from beyond & oo Yesss MORE NT, Tskun & more.



Music for Impossible Future Events – VA – compilation 

A sparky reality swirling dubble VA compilation that will make your belly smile and your braincells tingle…
Also possibly featuring: Kay Nakayama, Ray Castle, Snakething, DJ Cosmix & Elysium, Odpod, Grandi Melodiski, Project Ayaju & many more experimental IDM techno and whatever marvels fit the adventure ahead….

In 6-8 weeks, we have some crazy sounds in store for you.

Lots more… So please undo your seatbelts and open your mind to People From The SKY dropping the magic tone formations grown and cultivated in the source from which your dreams are born.


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