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Ministry – The Calling [SKY019]

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Ministry – The Calling [SKY019]
Track produced by Kevin Busuttil

Kevin Busuttil 45 years of age, was born on the Maltese Islands & now a resident in Amsterdam Netherlands.
Since I can remember Sound & Music was the thing that was always consistent in my life, Working in Sound Healing and Ceremonies for the last 6 years, as Visiting and Collaborating in Festivals and other organizations, It was my second year at PsyFi Festival in the Netherlands where it hit me to shift on to Psytrance Production, and Here I am Sharing my Tracks with the world …
My tracks are Inspired by Biblical Principles and the message of Christ. To restore a living relationship with our maker and with each other as Brothers and Sisters, To give praise in this beautiful intricate medium of Psy Trance.

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