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N3V1773 – Pathfinder Ep [SKY07]

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N3V1773 – Pathfinder Ep [SKY07]

01. N3V1773 – Dvoid– 140bpm – 07:45
02. N3V1773 – Pathfinder – 138bpm – 07:53
03. N3V1773 – Pathfinder (604 Mix) – 145bpm – 09:08
04. N3V1773 – The Great Rift – 139bpm – 07:35

All tracks produced by Neville DMello (N3V1773)
All tracks mastering by J’aime Roco. Cover design: Jose Giacovino

Pathfinder was inspired by a series of events and visual effects that I came across… This was when I was trying to find a deeper meaning to my

musical journey… and it struck me that the journey itself was the destination. It just gets more colorful along the way! As we go deeper into the sound…


Skypeople Music 2020, ®Alright’s Reserved


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