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Ignacio Barbegelata – Barby

Barby is a prominent Psy-trance artist originally from Santiago de Chile, born in 1973.
Barby began his musical career playing the piano and synthesizers from the age of five and has been attracted to electronic sounds since his teens.
In the 90’s, he discovered Psy-trance music and decided that his future lay in the production of this musical genre. In the year 2000 he released his first EP, “Alchimalén”, which was very well received on the local scene in Santiago. Since then, he has played at various Psy-trance festivals, gaining followers and admirers for his unique and energetic style. Barby is known for his ability to integrate different genres of electronic music into his Psy-trance and Chill-out tracks, creating a unique musical experience for his audience. He has released five albums and countless EPs and singles, including “Infiltrator” (2012), “Imagine” (2015) and “Mythologies” (2022), and has collaborated with other Psy-trance artists and released music on several renowned record labels. He is currently known as one of the most talented and versatile Psy-trance artists from the southern hemisphere.