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Sanne S.R.H.I. Langenbach – Sannergy

In the year 2013 ,Already known for her energy as a danser, she got the chance to learn how to mix the music she loved and a secret dream of her came true.
This extension of her first name fused together, Sannergy was the name given during a spontaneous collective  brainstorm session on a afterparty somewhere in Amsterdam a couple months later.
To honour the given name, she never stopped her dynamic developing as a dj and likes co-create and improvise with others.
Home-based in Groningen, the Netherlands, Sannergy played in many occasions; festivals ,clubs ,bars, indoor and outdoor, underground and upper-ground spaces, national and international. To name a few; Psy-Fi, Living Village festival, Play!, Burning Woman, HSA, Neushoorn, Bamboo Lodge and many many more.
Her specialty is bringing a lot of fun and energy to the dance-floor by using a big variety in tempo, rhythm, sphere and sounds fused together creating a story were time flies while elevating, celebrating and accelerating life together.
Sannergy’s collection of music supplies surprise where shiny eyes and smiles can meet on the beat.
“My goal is to keep on building bridges, between people, time, genres and energy in music”
Lately she is also in dynamic development working on producing own tracks.
So… stay tuned and love to meet in music!