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Juan Briceño Urra – Pleroma and part of Crossed Minds

Executive Producer CEO at Bitanddance in Curico Chile, from 1999 to the present

Producer and creator of events, services, consultants, Audio and Video, Art, Music, Media & Psychedelic Trance

Stage name:


Offer Dj and Producer.

Music Style: Psychedelic Trance, Goa Trance, Chill Out, Lounge, Dub

Location: Curico – Chile.

No-El turns to music in a time where it was very difficult to access the electronics and it was a high cost, time when the music was on normal tapes and melodies of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Nitzer eb, los Prisoneros, Upa Apparato Raro, marked a change in our society.
They were the 80 and the music was new wave and techno pop, newly emerged from the Underground. After a while the equipment purchased which would begin a new career, which so far has brought him great satisfaction. In 1995 the store bonus track appears in providence, which discovers new trends of electronic music from acid house, techno Intelligent until the Psychedelic trance. In 1999 he met the D.J. cl.ear which is the first to encourage him to stand as a DJ Has led the dance craze in many festivals such as the Amsterdam Pub, those cliffs, Cajon del Maipo, known Cochiguaz and Earthdance. No-El have their own personal brand, and his music crosses all frequencies and inspires a powerful dance. 

Crossed Minds:

Created by TranceLuz and Pleroma (No-El) in 2015 for the creation of electronic music, in a first stage for Psychedelic Trance – Goa Trance, after a stage of experimentation and in search of a more global concept with a more melodic evolution. complex.

Official web site: