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Ray Castle

Ray Castle – Higher Spin States – Insectoid – Mantaray – Masaray – Meta-Pod – Rhythmystec – Sonic Sufi – Tongue ‘N’Tweak

With a pioneer quest, he has ridden all waves of fashion and trend through a multitude of genres: rock, funk, punk, industrial, disco, techno, house, trance, breaks, drum & bass, electro…

NEW SONGS from Tokyo @ raycastlemusic which feature in his film, MANGA MAD, and the forthcoming film, MOON SHADOW.

A DJ, MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, PRODUCER, who sees music as therapy; and understands its capacity to connect with the numinous.


Ray has been an impresario of popular music since the late 60s. In the early 70s he played harmonica in blues rock bands, and promoted and organised gigs for new wave/punk bands in the late 70s.

He started Djing, in the late 70s/early 80s which was the era of: Funk, Ska, Disco and Industrial early electro, later fusing into electronica/house/techno in the late 80s. From ’87, he became one of the influential, original DJs of the Goa party scene in India, which fused house, breaks, dub, techno & rock into a hybrid sound, out of which ‘Goa Psy Trance’ evolved in the early 90s. This was followed by numerous eclectic style releases, collaborations and solo projects.

He introduced the outdoor dance party concept to Japan in the late 80s and early 90s with the festival organisation: ‘Equinox’. And was one of the seminal instigators of the Australian trance party scene in the early 90s:

‘Trance-Elements’, ‘Happy Valley’, ‘Psyharmonics’ parties and early ‘Earthcore’ & Byron Bay ‘Beyond The Brain’.

He continues to DJ at dance party events employing a genius maverick ability to work a dance floor thru cross

genre gear shifts. 2009, his pluralistic penchant encapsulates a quirky, funky, sexy bass-driven fidget electro house booty

tech. A groovilicious synthesis of smart-tickle – piquant dance music – seguing entertaining musical beatific narratives.

More recently he has performed at events in Japan where he has been based in Tokyo

Mus i c B i o :
Writing and performing rock, punk, funk and industrial music during the late 70s and early 80s.
Established Rock and Punk club/bar – Liberty Stage – Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Symonds St, Auckland, NZ.
1979. Show case for ‘new wave’ bands:
The Scavengers, The Features, Toy Love, Spelling Mistakes, Screaming Mee Mees, The Swingers,

The Androids, Proud Scum …
Established alternative art space, – Closet Artists Gallery – Queen St, Auckland, 1980/82.

Promoted emerging artists and themed mixed media exhibitions: ‘Pop Shots’

Rock photography exhibition, Art Clothing, Cartoon Art, solo artist exhibitions:

Phillip Clairmont, Nigel Brown, Dean Buchannan, John Eaden, Kim Gunter, Debra Bustin, Stuart Page…

Awarded NZ Arts Council Travel grant in 1983, to travel to America and Europe.

Lectured on NZ art. Rap and hip hop performer/writer during the mid 83/84.
DJing at ‘psychedelic’ disco/techno parties in Goa, India, Tokyo, Europe, ‘86 – ‘94.
Organised and played at first Psy-Trance Goa style parties in
Japan, ’87, ’88, ’89. ’90, ’91 (SK Studio Tokyo). Tokyo Techno Tribe/Equinox, early 90s.
Organised and played at first Psy-Trance, Goa style parties in Europe (Pagan Productions) in Amsterdam, ’88 and Berlin Art
Festival. ’90, ‘91 Pagan Productions.
Throughout the 90s has toured in Europe and Japan playing all major ‘Psy Trance’ events including The Voov Experience
(Germany), Return To The Source (London), Tip Party (London).
Moved to Byron Bay, Australia ’94. Organised and DJed at the first wave of outdoor Goa-style parties in North NSW, Queensland,
Melbourne and Sydney. Performed at ‘Beyond The Brain’ events in Byron Bay, mid 90s.

Returned to Tokyo 2005. Making films, recording music and djing at events. SPACE GATHERING, an outdoor mixed media art and left-field music event. TOKYO DECADANCE, a theatrical ‘cosplay’ quasi-fetish party club events. NAGISA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Continues to DJ/perform at selective events.


Ray C – on discogs