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Klaus Drewing

Klaus Drewing

Dj Cosmix/ Moondust

DJ Cosmix, born in March 1961, began his electronic dance music at the age of 30, after his
India trip / Goa. While living in Frankfurt am Main, one of the largest European cities at the time
of the techno music, he got psychoactive techno, as well as rythmic and Moody trance sounds, to
compile his first own mix tapes.
His career began in 1993, with the gig at a party in Berlin, during the Love Parade. He produced
his first musical production in the same year, a few weeks later, with “X-Dream” from Hamburg.
This is known as “Moondust E.P.” at Tunnel Records. the European transcendence scene was
extremely popular and sought after. In 1994 he produced “Kumba Mela E.P.” with Etnica in
Milan / Italy for Matsuri Productions London. Numerous other productions followed in the
coming years.
Also in the year 94, he was invited to the turntables for “Voov Expierience”. He was followed by
a lot of international appearances like Matsuri LabelParty Paris / London, Gaia in France, Return
to the Source in London / Tokyo, New Year in Guadeloupe (FWI) Zoom-Streetparade / Zurich,
“The total Eclipse” as well as the “Solipse” in Hungary etc.
His collaboration with the Earthdance of the year 1997 can not be left unexpected.
Earthdance is a global association of international organizers (in 2009, more than 300 events in
60 countries), whose goal is to combine the positive forces of modern electronic dance music and
dance culture for humanitarian purposes and a global awareness of peace and freedom. The funds
raised at that time were donated to projects in the exile area of the Tibetans in North India and
Cosmix was invited to a private study at the Dalei Lama in 1998!
At the moment, Cosmix is back in the studio in Cologne where he works together with Phillip
Trancefeld on his new production!

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