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Matthias Erhard – Nullgrad

There has been always music in the life of Nullgrad/Mattzer aka Matthias Erhard. Back in these
early days he got his musical education in dulcimer and saxophone. In the beginning of the
90s, friends took him to his first experience with electronic music. After visiting some
concerts he wanted to produce music by himself.
In 1999 he purchased his first Groove-box from his first clean money and fell promptly sick with
G.A.S. (Gear Akquisition Syndrome). He started producing IDM and Industrial Music. He
performed his first live gigs in Vancouver, Canada between 1999 and 2001, followed by his first
official Industrial releases on Vinyl, Tape, Cassette and CD and live shows all over Europe from
Vienna to St. Petersburg.
In 2004 he formed the project Zero Degree to produce Ambient und Downbeat – a atmospheric
mixture of minimalistic and rhythmic structures and of course opulent ambient sounds.
This was followed by some releases on established industrial labels like Audiophob and Ant-
Zen and shows at „Maschinenfest“ and the world known Wave-Gothic-Gathering (WGT) in
Leipzig / Germany.
In a CD-Review of a Zero Degree release the label Ultimae Records was mentioned and so he
hit upon the sounds of Solar Fields, Aes Dana and Vibrasphere. Finally at the Experience
Festival 2011 in Thailand he became convinced with the variety of Psychedelic Trance.
In 2010 Matthias founded the side project Nullgrad, as a industrial music project which
transformed promptly into a psychedelic project. In 2013 he discoverd Zenonesque and Dark
Progressive sounds, which impressed him so much that he decided to produce sounds like
this with this new project. Soon afterwards he has expanded this range with psychedelic
forest / sounds around 150 Bpm.
With every track he gives a part of himself, a special moment, a emotional feeling, something
experienced. For Matthias, this is the way to share feelings and tell about things like that. He
gets pushed forward by reaching the audience with that or just by helping in corresponding
situations. For this reason its very essential for him, to have and use a own signature mark in
his music.
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