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Nano Stark

Nano Stark

N@no from Chile sends light and blessings to everyone with his music, along with dance is an active healing and meditation technique on the @stral trip!

N @ has not been a DJ since he was 14 years old and attends open air in Chile since 2004, he starts playing as a Psychodelic Trance DJ in 2013
in the Mayan New Year event on Lake Rapel starting to play Psychedelic Night in various cycles and parties of the national scene as
Pukem Pewu, Psychetronic, Woodstaco, Ether Family, Kalfutuhe, Nave Luna, Bong Fest, Cycle Elements, Inti Manque, Haloween in Elqui Valley and
others more.
Supported by the Abhasa records label from Holland, it has gone through the Goa Trance sounds until it reaches the Chill Out, styles that most predominate in its musical folder, influenced by his trips to Polynesia has now created his latest set of Chill Out called Polynesia that comes to relive the magic of the nature and ancestry of Rapa Nui. In 2016, he has the honor of joining the @stral @angels collective participating in the classic party
New Moon Trance, the one that mixes music with the arts.
August traveled to Bolivia to play the GEA Family Festival and from September to October at the mythical Inti Manque that have revolutionized the scene proposing the Family day meeting with children, yoga, and meditation.
For 2017 he presented 2 new sets of Chill Out and Psychedelic Night at Aluna Festival.
2018 -2019 Start playing for the Dutch label Skypeople Music playing at the Psynchrontinum festival, Pandemonium, Nahuel Trip, Corazon Del Colibrí, Psychedelic Flow Collective Crew, Andes Eclipses, Psychedelic Confluence, Communicate Epic Encounter and Fenix ​​Flight.

Nano Stark – on Soundcloud

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