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Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor

Bliss, Prana, Taiyo, Snake Thing, Rhythmystec, Reflecta, Parasonix, Slot Machine

Nick Taylor began producing electronic music in Tokyo in 1990 as Blissed with Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Take Tokuda.

In 1993 Blissed released their album ‘Rite of Passage’ through Frankfurt label Pod Communications. The same year,

Nick and Tsuyoshi moved to London and began producing as Prana and Taiyo, releasing numerous tracks on labels

such as Dragonfly, Step 2 House, Inter 1, A Concept in Dance and Tsuyoshi’s label Matsuri Productions.

In 1994 Nick moved to Byron Bay, Australia and began producing solo tracks as Snake Thing released through TIP,

as well as collaborations such as Rhythmystec with Ray Castle (Matsuri), Reflecta with Jeh Kaelin (Psy Harmonics)

and Parasonix with AB (Psy Harmonics). Since the nineties Nick has Dj-ed all around the World playing his unique

brand of dirty, psychedelic techno at events such as Burning Man in Nevada, Rainbow Serpent in Australia and

Solstice in Japan as well as working on his electro-rock project, Slot Machine, with Sean Candy (AB) and Melaine Knight.

Nick T – on discogs