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Mirror Neurons – Through The Mirrored Dimension EP [SKY14]

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Mirror Neurons – Through The Mirrored Dimension EP [SKY14]

Mirror Neurons – Mirrored Architect
Mirror Neurons – Slam the Door

Production and mix by Tim Horsch (Mirror Neurons) final master by Marc Sprecher (Mr. Speaker)


” This EP is dedicated to my father who left this dimension a few months ago, I’m sure he is smiling with pride from wherever he is now. Through the mirrored dimension is in a way the road through a time of growth for me, spiritual, and also personal. Full of layers, the good and the bad times, but finally the result is balanced and full of power.
It thought me that looking to the future makes the shadows of the past be cast behind you, making growth possible because you are bathing in the light. I’m hoping that this is something that reflects through the mirror of the soul and takes root in everyone who I can touch with this beautiful journey.”

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