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VA – Hidden Galaxy [SKY17]

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VA – Hidden Galaxy [SKY17]

~*~ Another treaty from Skypeople Music this compilation is been made with love to all psychedelic lovers, the tracks selection is been carefully lined up to bring ecstatic dancing on the dance floor. ~*~

01. J’aime (Tranceluz) – Our Wandering
02. R0dr01d – Orbita Microcósmica
03. BMI Goes India – Sons of Rama
04. N3V1773 – Pathfinder (604 Mix)
05. Chicksound – Flowmotion
06. ExtrateRavers- Rick loves Morty
07. Ministry – Bafo Bayaya
08. Mirror Neurons – Forbidden Fruits of Nature
09. Tskun – Lunchbox

Mastering by J’aime Roco ( Skypeople Music)

Skypeople Music alright reserved.

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