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Rodrigo Ramírez – R0dr01d

R0dr01d A.K.A. Rodrigo Ramírez started djing in 1998 warming up for a funky rock project in Argentina.He discovered the world of psy trance in Spain in 2004, after this he decided to start producing chill out music.At the begining  he was involved in a chill out experiment called Nü Tao that is still alive.Now After more than 10 years of producing  downtempo he decided to explore another sonic landscapes combining techno, psy trance,  deep house and funk of course, he played in free parties and festivals like Sonica in Italy or Vuuv in Germany besides being part of the crew in festivals around south America like Moonflower Patagonia, Andes X-treme, or Nirvana in Cordoba Argentina.    Brand new label and project…let’s see how it flows.