George Libe – Guagibo

❖ 𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐁𝐎 𝐚𝐤𝐚 𝐖𝐄𝐈𝐑𝐃𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐂 GEORGE LIBERIDIS is the musician behind the psychedelic trance music solo projects WEIRDELIC & GUAGIBO. George was born in Athens. In the mid-90’s he started his first productions as WEIRDELIC & GUAGIBO, influenced by artists like Nick Taylor, Slide, Slinky Wizard, X-Dream, UX, Psychaos, Andrew Till, Ollie Olsen, Salakavala, Texas Faggott.
His debut WEIRDELIC album was released in 2021 by Random Records included 12 of his (previously unreleased) tracks created between 1998 and 2008. A first collection of (previously unreleased) GUAGIBO tracks was released in 2022 by Unreleased Goa Records.

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Ignacio Barbegelata – Barby

Barby is a prominent Psy-trance artist originally from Santiago de Chile, born in 1973.
Barby began his musical career playing the piano and synthesizers from the age of five and has been attracted to electronic sounds since his teens.
In the 90’s, he discovered Psy-trance music and decided that his future lay in the production of this musical genre. In the year 2000 he released his first EP, “Alchimalén”, which was very well received on the local scene in Santiago. Since then, he has played at various Psy-trance festivals, gaining followers and admirers for his unique and energetic style. Barby is known for his ability to integrate different genres of electronic music into his Psy-trance and Chill-out tracks, creating a unique musical experience for his audience. He has released five albums and countless EPs and singles, including “Infiltrator” (2012), “Imagine” (2015) and “Mythologies” (2022), and has collaborated with other Psy-trance artists and released music on several renowned record labels. He is currently known as one of the most talented and versatile Psy-trance artists from the southern hemisphere.

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Sanne S.R.H.I. Langenbach – Sannergy

In the year 2013 ,Already known for her energy as a danser, she got the chance to learn how to mix the music she loved and a secret dream of her came true.
This extension of her first name fused together, Sannergy was the name given during a spontaneous collective  brainstorm session on a afterparty somewhere in Amsterdam a couple months later.
To honour the given name, she never stopped her dynamic developing as a dj and likes co-create and improvise with others.
Home-based in Groningen, the Netherlands, Sannergy played in many occasions; festivals ,clubs ,bars, indoor and outdoor, underground and upper-ground spaces, national and international. To name a few; Psy-Fi, Living Village festival, Play!, Burning Woman, HSA, Neushoorn, Bamboo Lodge and many many more.
Her specialty is bringing a lot of fun and energy to the dance-floor by using a big variety in tempo, rhythm, sphere and sounds fused together creating a story were time flies while elevating, celebrating and accelerating life together.
Sannergy’s collection of music supplies surprise where shiny eyes and smiles can meet on the beat.
“My goal is to keep on building bridges, between people, time, genres and energy in music”
Lately she is also in dynamic development working on producing own tracks.
So… stay tuned and love to meet in music!

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Juan Briceño Urra – Pleroma and part of Crossed Minds

Executive Producer CEO at Bitanddance in Curico Chile, from 1999 to the present

Producer and creator of events, services, consultants, Audio and Video, Art, Music, Media & Psychedelic Trance

Stage name:


Offer Dj and Producer.

Music Style: Psychedelic Trance, Goa Trance, Chill Out, Lounge, Dub

Location: Curico – Chile.

No-El turns to music in a time where it was very difficult to access the electronics and it was a high cost, time when the music was on normal tapes and melodies of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Nitzer eb, los Prisoneros, Upa Apparato Raro, marked a change in our society.
They were the 80 and the music was new wave and techno pop, newly emerged from the Underground. After a while the equipment purchased which would begin a new career, which so far has brought him great satisfaction. In 1995 the store bonus track appears in providence, which discovers new trends of electronic music from acid house, techno Intelligent until the Psychedelic trance. In 1999 he met the D.J. cl.ear which is the first to encourage him to stand as a DJ Has led the dance craze in many festivals such as the Amsterdam Pub, those cliffs, Cajon del Maipo, known Cochiguaz and Earthdance. No-El have their own personal brand, and his music crosses all frequencies and inspires a powerful dance. 

Crossed Minds:

Created by TranceLuz and Pleroma (No-El) in 2015 for the creation of electronic music, in a first stage for Psychedelic Trance – Goa Trance, after a stage of experimentation and in search of a more global concept with a more melodic evolution. complex.

Official web site:

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Henrik Solvåg – Ringlefinch also The Raglefant

Introducing The Raglefant, also known as Ringlefinch, a rising star in the world of electronic dance music. Born and raised in Molde, Norway. Raglefant discovered his passion for music production in 2015, and since then, he has been on a mission to create a unique sound that takes the audience on a journey through the depths of his imagination.

With a keen ear for detail and a understanding of music theory, The Raglefant has found his muse in Psychedelic Trance, a subgenre of trance music that blends elements of psychedelic rock and trance. His music is characterized by high-energy beats and groovy rhythms that get the audience moving and grooving on the dancefloor.

In a short span of time, Raglefant has already made a name for himself in the festival and club scenes, as well as the forest party scene, thanks to his electrifying live performances and his ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level. His music is a reflection of his experiences, and he draws inspiration from everything around him, from the people he meets to the places he visits.

But it’s not just his music that sets him apart from the crowd. 

His sets are a multisensory journey that stimulates the mind, body, and soul, and leaves the audience feeling euphoric and inspired.

At just 26 years old, Raglefant has already achieved a lot, but he is just getting started. With a drive and passion that is second to none, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity and exploring new frontiers in the world of electronic dance music. 

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Simon Roberts – Amuvor

Simon Roberts AKA Amuvor.
Born in 1996 and raised in the Netherlands.
From a young age he has been invested in rock and metal music and always had dreams of playing in a band one day.

In a weird twist of event he discovered the psychedelic scene by chance in 2014 and he never looked back, falling in love immediately with the music and its beautiful people.
Shortly after this discovery he knew he wanted to create psytrance on his own, to put his emotion and experiences in music.
He experimented a lot with styles and sub-genres, going from his first song to more full-on psytrance, even trying out ambient.
Now he makes tunes that truly come from his heart.
From drums that drags you deep into mother earth, to psychedelic splendor that rockets you to the stars.

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Miss GoaFreaky

Miss GoaFreaky

Miss GoaFreaky (Yvonne de Boer) first met the Goa scene in back in 1996. Throughout the years she developed a large international network including many well known dj’s.
In 2016 she decided to take the bet and learn how to mix herself. Since then she is a member of the Go A Head label and since 2022 she part of Skypeople Music.

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Born in 1972 ..he has no music background.
around 2006 he found a psy-trance CD in his car it was his first contact with psy-trance music.
The music intrigued him, so he went looking for psy-trance parties.
A good friend showed him where to go if he wanted to know the scene. He soon felt at home. In 2009 he organizes for the first time a private party called AUMDAT!
He immersed himself in designing deco under the name Goalistic area 51.
After listening to so much of psy-trance in different locations, he knew he wanted to be the guy who decides what kind of music is playing.
So he bought his first set of players CDJ 100S with Behringer 750 mixer and taught himself how to play.
His first public appearance was at the GIDEON festival in 2012 under the name Aquatone. After this performance, he knew it … He wants to go further than this. He wants to grow and get better.
With hard working and playing for hours and hours in his small basement, he gets the real feeling. People are inviting him to play at small parties at first. He really enjoys wat he is doing.
Now he starts to play psychedelic chill out too! With more playing time he gets to play at bigger parties and people start to recognize his sound!

People see his hard work and in 2014 he gets the chance to play two sets at a major festival, Psy-fi.
A wish came true for him.

To separate the chill-out and dark sets he had to find the other performance name and it came to him as Corka’an.
Now that he plays for a longer time, his taste in music is so wide that he decides to use the name Aquatone only for chill-out sets and Corka’an will play the dark psychedelic sounds.

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Battle Of The Future Buddhas

Battle Of The Future Buddhas

D-Dave – Battle Of The Future Buddhas

Battle of the Future Buddhas started making music around 1995. First releases came on BooM! Records, Superstring and Kavator Records. The first CD ‘Twin Sharkfins’ came out in 1998 and established the band as a underground force to be reckoned with. More releases followed on
Schlabbaduerst, Chronicle of Mystery and Devils Mind Records.

Battle of the Future Buddhas also became a part of Moon Koradji Records with their track on VA Intropix and now is part of Skypeople Records!
BTFB – on discogs

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Magic Noise

Magic Noise

Krunoslav Braca Krstic –  Magic Noise

Behind the project, Magic Noise stands Krunoslav Braca Krstic. He was born
18.09.1986. in a little village called Uljma, near city Vrsac, Serbia.
His love for psychedelic music has developed back in 2000, and
since then never stops.

In 2005 he had his first contact with some music-making software, and since then he created several tracks and remixed a few more. He says that producing and mixing (DJ-ing) is a way of life to him and never wants to stop.

Magic Noise – on soundcloud

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Bloc – Kirril Schreiber

Bloc is a collective started and lead by Kirril Schreiber, they make a dark, psychedelic and often a melodic blend of electronics, industrial and experimental pop music.

Influenced by chaotic life in squatted buildings and a seemingly endless succession of parties, Kirril started to make music in 2007. More and more his music started to get influenced by the darker side of things around him.After some years of partying, roaming around and performing on illegal events, he started to study music production. There he worked obsessively on his skills for 5 years, working from 9 in the morning to about 10 in the evening every day, while also continuing the nightlife. During this time, he also met the other members of Bloc, hip-hop producer Eugene de Munck and glitch producer Eric Flumine, as well as frequent vocal collaborators Ruben van Hemmen, Martine Vrieswijk and others.

The 3 EP´s Bloc has made so far are the result of highly collaborative sessions at Kirill’s home.
Diverse influences and skill sets came together to form an eclectic whole. Kirill’s experience in both sound design for movie and theatre, being a mix engineer for bands, and making obscure, dark dance music for illegal events, combined with the various musical skill-sets of the other members and vocal collaborators of Bloc, are important factors in the development of the sound of Bloc.

Just as important was the collaborative work environment, a constant conversation, exchanging ideas, developing them further, making the music into something just one individual would not be able to do.
The result is a body of work that does not fit into one category. Sometimes dark and melancholic, sometimes suddenly collapsing onto itself in glitched out and industrial influenced madness.

Contact BLOC:

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Nimue – DJ Valery – Valeria Iris Dose

Valery (Valeria Iris Dose), is a distinguished Dj from Argentina, related to electronic music since 1994, and producer of electronic music since 2002.
Her favorite styles are Psychedelic Trance, Psy Progressive, Downtempo, Tech House, Chillout, Ambient, and Meditation.

In her beginnings, recently arrived from Italy to Argentina, was presented on stage by Terrestrial Anonymous, a group of Dj’s born from the union of the artists Piers Ciappara (England), Polper, Murray and Gerardo de Buenos Aires, pioneers of the Psychedelic Trance from Argentina, with whom she participated with her first vinyl records as Tip Records in various festivals such as the legendary “Ultimate Rave”, Parque Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, 1997 and 1998, organized by Urban Groove.

For the year 2000 she ventured into the world of techno, DJing with tech house vinyl and participated in innumerable events of the underground scene, sharing a booth with many renowned DJs and producers such as Juan Pryor, Symon, Luis Nieva, Gustavo Lopez, Magoo, Bad Boy Orange, Rayo Club, InDaMix, Carlos Shaw, Sector 7G, Leonel Castillo, Diego Roka, just to name a few, in the most prominent night clubs like El Dorado, K2, Oval, Cubic, La Cigale, Big One, La Morocha and more; all places that left without a doubt a footprint in the world of dance in Buenos Aires.

Later she became involved in Earthdance (Global Celebration for Peace) in Buenos Aires in 2000, organized by Eduardo Krumpholz, Bioma,

In 2001 she collaborated as a vocalist in the electronic project of Paulo Agostinelli, edited by Paulo himself and Tweety González, transiting different styles of electronic music, including Big Beat, Drum & Bass, Electroambient and Trip Hop.

In 2002, Valery began her career as an electronic music producer creating her own tracks and remixes. Self-taught, reading books and participating in music clinics dictated by professionals, and received her training.

Many artists collaborated with her musical growth as Osky Mancuso (Planetary), Polper (Terrestrial Anonymous), Miguel Lara (Ionic), Alejo Gonzales (Cosmos Vibration), Dj Jowe (Moon Flower, Patagonia), Sergio Morales (Artistic Producer), among others.

In 2003, the song of its own authorship “Trance Tango” was edited in the compiled “TANGO?” Of EMI’s MUSICAS ALTERNATIVAS label, along with the distinguished musician Fernando Samalea, a CD that was promoted throughout Portugal and northern Europe.

In 2005, she created the group Ayun, an independent project that combined electronic rhythms with ethnic sounds and songs in native languages by Graciela Mendoza (ethnic folklorist from Buenos Aires). The album was titled “Impulso Místico” and its debut was at the “Earthdance” festival in Santiago, Chile.

The same year she also created a techno trance version of the track “Cielos Azules” by Herman Vinson, for the Argentine film “Un Buda”, directed by Diego Rafecas, with musical direction by the renowned artist Pedro Aznar.
Meanwhile, she was part of the events Dancing Buddhas Out Door, with Dj Moksha as the organizer, playing with national and international artists of the psychedelic trance scene in Buenos Aires.

In 2007, Valery released an album titled “Toda la Tierra”, an independent production of chillout and downtempo music, which includes a remix of the song “DanceHall” by the renowned singer “Princesa”.

In 2008, the artist appeared on stage as a producer with a new project, “Nimue”, releasing her first album “Hijas de Odin” (Daughters of Odin), a mix of ethnic sounds and Goa, promoted by Neurotrance Records, Dj Erofex (Bolivia) in 2009.

In 2009, Buddha Mantra Records (Portugal) released the album “Luz del Sur”, compiled by M4nos (Buenos Aires), with a selection of three of their songs: “Domo del agua”, “Cropcircle” and “Ciudades de Luz” , along with other great Argentine producers of the Psytrance scene.

In 2010, Hispanodelicius Records (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) presented the compilation “Little Pieces of Infinity” by Dark Fox, including the track of Nimue “The Lady of the Lake”, in an album to travel in the calm and relaxing psychedelic waters with artists of creativity and indisputable talent like Erofex, NüTao and Majesty Valkyria.

“Healing Beats” healing sounds of America, was a compilation of 2010, with carefully selected tracks by Nütao under the Hispanodelicius Records label (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina), including the track “Nave Tipi” by Nimue. The album activates the pulse, the harmony, and the high energies so that in the track the healing ritual begins guided by artists from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

In 2013, Goa Records presents Nimue’s album, “Hechizos” in digital version on the Psyshop and Beatport music portals.
Progressive Trance album at 140 bpm. It includes a fusion of different genres, conserving its main genre. It is a work full of nuances and melodies. Environments prepared for the dance floor and climates that try to transport the dancer to a world where dreams come true. It is full of musical surprises, ups, and downs with excellent bridges designed to achieve a good performance in all DJ mixes.

She is currently presenting the album “Crononauta” from her live project “Nimue”. The disc contains 7 tracks that range from chillout to downtempo style through progressive trance and ethnic atmospheres.
Will be released soon by Skypeople Music.

Nimue – on discogs

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Ajayu – Atxa

Ajayu aka Atxa is Sergio Acha Silva a chilean composer. He started producing about 10 years ago in the desert of Atacama.

Participated in different festivals in Chile, Bolivia  before traveling to India and moving to Europe, Spanje, Sweden, Irland.

He released 3 previous tracks for different labels.

Ajayu – on Soundcloud

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Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons

Tim Willem Horsch – Thox – Mirror Neurons

Ever since Thox was young he was very interested in EDM, listening to hardcore, techno, house, and minimal. And started to play around making tunes as early as 1999 in that time still drifting between different DAW’s. When he came of age he also started to play with vinyl in clubs around 2005. Those were mostly local clubs and parties under the alias Thox.

Playing mainly progressive trance, tech-house, and of course GOA-trance. After some years Thox lost contact with the fun of playing for crowds and almost stopped playing in clubs for nine years. Still doing the small and private gigs slowly the fun of live performing was recaptured. In 2015 Thox and the former member Matthijs met each other at a party and the musical spark was really lit again! After some time Matthijs was introduced to Psytrance by Thox and it just clicked. Mirror Neurons were formed a few short weeks later! They were making those melodic progressive sounds from 2017 till the start of 2020. Since then the driving force behind Mirror Neurons has been the rebranded Thox.

Mirror Neurons – on Soundcloud

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BMI Goes India

BMI Goes India

BMI Goes India – The Tromp Brothers

The Tromp brothers form the beating heart of BMI Goes India (Psychedelic Indian electronic dance with live sitar). They build a bridge between electronic dance music and classical Indian and Bollywood music.

Ravi Shankar meets Shpongle/ Hilight Tribe, you could call it. In the meantime, BMI Goes India has built up a great live set reputation and has played at a wide diversity of festivals in their home country Netherland and abroad, such as Mysteryland, Xperience festival, Psy fi, International Day of Yoga, Visions of Paradise, and festival Mundial.

The brothers have earned their spurs in all kinds of bands and projects. Barend is a trained sitar player. In order to refine his playing on this Indian string instrument, he lived in India for six months, where he was taught every day by a classically trained sitar master. He also took lessons from well-known Indian sitar players who were on tour in Europe.

Barend is also a gifted and experimental bassist and guitarist. Maarten is a dance producer. He takes care of the electronics. Live he also takes care of the visuals that provide a unique total experience.

BMI Goes India has released two albums. For the third album, the approach is a bit different. From now on every few weeks a single will be released online (Spotify etc).

Nowadays they also work intensively with Indian singer Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan (Madras Chorus) and you can also hear live tabla percussion from The Suited Tablist in their music. Soon they also will show their skills on stage together.

Besides that, there are also plans for an Indian tour.

BMI goes India – on soundcloud

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Paul Seymour – Odpod

Odpod is Paul Seymour, a psychedelic sea dog living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He occasionally knocks out a psychoactive tune to maintain the right balance of trippiness in his bloodstream. Right now he’s working on a fantasy series about a 4,000-year-old pair of tantric lovers who try to save the world.
odpod – on soundcloud

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Klaus Drewing

Klaus Drewing

Klaus Drewing – Dj Cosmix – Moondust

DJ Cosmix, born in March 1961, began his electronic dance music at the age of 30, after his India trip / Goa. While living in Frankfurt am Main, one of the largest European cities at the time of the techno music, he got psychoactive techno, as well as rythmic and Moody trance sounds, to
compile his first own mix tapes.

His career began in 1993, with the gig at a party in Berlin, during the Love Parade. He produced his first musical production in the same year, a few weeks later, with “X-Dream” from Hamburg. This is known as “Moondust E.P.” at Tunnel Records. the European transcendence scene was extremely popular and sought after. In 1994 he produced “Kumba Mela E.P.” with Etnica in Milan / Italy for Matsuri Productions London. Numerous other productions followed in the coming years.

Also in the year 94, he was invited to the turntables for “Voov Expierience”. He was followed by a lot of international appearances like Matsuri LabelParty Paris / London, Gaia in France, Return to the Source in London / Tokyo, New Year in Guadeloupe (FWI) Zoom-Streetparade / Zurich, “The total Eclipse” as well as the “Solipse” in Hungary etc.

His collaboration with the Earthdance of the year 1997 can not be left unexpected. Earthdance is a global association of international organizers (in 2009, more than 300 events in 60 countries), whose goal is to combine the positive forces of modern electronic dance music and dance culture for humanitarian purposes and a global awareness of peace and freedom. The funds raised at that time were donated to projects in the exile area of the Tibetans in North India and Cosmix was invited to a private study at the Dalei Lama in 1998!

At the moment, Cosmix is back in the studio in Cologne where he works together with Phillip Trancefeld on his new production!

Klaus D – on discogs

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Matthias Erhard – Nullgrad

There has been always music in the life of Nullgrad/Mattzer aka Matthias Erhard. Back in these early days he got his musical education in dulcimer and saxophone. In the beginning of the 90s, friends took him to his first experience with electronic music. After visiting some concerts he wanted to produce music by himself.

In 1999 he purchased his first Groove-box from his first clean money and fell promptly sick with G.A.S. (Gear Akquisition Syndrome). He started producing IDM and Industrial Music. He performed his first live gigs in Vancouver, Canada between 1999 and 2001, followed by his first official Industrial releases on Vinyl, Tape, Cassette and CD and live shows all over Europe from Vienna to St. Petersburg.

In 2004 he formed the project Zero Degree to produce Ambient und Downbeat – a atmospheric mixture of minimalistic and rhythmic structures and of course opulent ambient sounds. This was followed by some releases on established industrial labels like Audiophob and Ant-Zen and shows at „Maschinenfest“ and the world known Wave-Gothic-Gathering (WGT) in
Leipzig / Germany.

In a CD-Review of a Zero Degree release the label Ultimae Records was mentioned and so he hit upon the sounds of Solar Fields, Aes Dana and Vibrasphere. Finally at the Experience Festival 2011 in Thailand he became convinced with the variety of Psychedelic Trance.

In 2010 Matthias founded the side project Nullgrad, as a industrial music project which transformed promptly into a psychedelic project. In 2013 he discoverd Zenonesque and Dark Progressive sounds, which impressed him so much that he decided to produce sounds like this with this new project. Soon afterwards he has expanded this range with psychedelic forest / sounds around 150 Bpm.

With every track he gives a part of himself, a special moment, a emotional feeling, something experienced. For Matthias, this is the way to share feelings and tell about things like that. He gets pushed forward by reaching the audience with that or just by helping in corresponding situations. For this reason its very essential for him, to have and use a own signature mark in his music.

Nullgrad – on discogs

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Rodrigo Ramírez – R0dr01d

R0dr01d A.K.A. Rodrigo Ramírez started djing in 1998 warming up for a funky rock project in Argentina.He discovered the world of psy trance in Spain in 2004, after this he decided to start producing chill out music.At the begining  he was involved in a chill out experiment called Nü Tao that is still alive.Now After more than 10 years of producing  downtempo he decided to explore another sonic landscapes combining techno, psy trance,  deep house and funk of course, he played in free parties and festivals like Sonica in Italy or Vuuv in Germany besides being part of the crew in festivals around south America like Moonflower Patagonia, Andes X-treme, or Nirvana in Cordoba Argentina.    Brand new label and project…let’s see how it flows.

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Kay Nakayama

Kay Nakayama


Tokyo-born Kay studied Art and Design at Tama Art University. During that time he performed
contemporary art using early computer graphics and live music in Tokyo clubs.

In 1992 His solo debut release “Laura Palmer’s Theme” as SOMETHING WONDERFUL produced by Haruomi Hosono who is a member of YMO (Yellow Magic
Orchestra). Kay has been active alongside major artists, as a producer, composer and
DJ both nationally and internationally. This has established his unique sound that is a
mixture of ambient and dance music.

In 1996 he started his own record label CHILLSCAPE.also his original tracks was
licensed and released by many labels of the world. As of Matsuri Production[UK], Poker
Flat[German], Istar[Italy], Virgin[Flance] and more.

in 2000 he formed the project “INTELLIGENT JAZZ” with the Drummer Akira Jimbo. It is
based on a new jazz spirit with an experiment of real jazz and electronic sounds. guesting
with jazz legends: Bob James, Terumasa Hino,Toshinori Kondo, Kazumi Watanabe and more.

In 2008 released one track: Breath Of Love ‎(CD, Comp, Mixed) Wakyo Records 2008
In 2010 Music 4 Your Love ‎(CD, Comp, Mixed) Wakyo Records, Wakyo Records, Wakyo Records
And 4 Your Love EP ‎(3xFile, MP3, 320) Wakyo Records
In 2013: Kay Nakayama & Cathy Battistessa[Café Del Mar] performed in “GLASTRESS” party of Venezia.

2017: Kay released some tracks in the Playstation4 game “GRAN TURISMO SPORT”.
Where he made two tracks for the game: “Baby So Free” and “Together”

Having a huge number of credits in his name he is a welcome guest t0 perform and DJ
across the globe since the start of his career. Among the endless list of venues, he performed
in, and names he performed with or along are Still ever so strong Kay Nakayama remains a
globally appreciated super-fresh and original top notch artist, producing, playing and performing
across the globe.
The Music Kay Nakayama presents is loaded with a vivid and healthy evolving
ever-surprising combination of styles, that are so well composed and produced he scores
at least 8 out of 10 on the timeless-marvels scale.

We are filled with pride and thankfulness for the support of such a wonderfully breathtaking
artist to the SKYPEOPLE initiative.
Study Kay N – on discogs

Contact Kay Nakayama on Facebook
Kay N – on facebook

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Christer Lundström – Ka-Sol

Ka-Sol, Swedish Christer Lundström, is a true trance veteran. He’s producing trance since 1995, He has a very strong underground reputation and his track Scraqp on the Apsara compilation got very good feedback! So expect some extremely psychedelic trance tracks, straight out of the Swedish forests, with loads of screaming melodies,

weird sounds and a great story.

This is pure brain candy with both night and morning stompers. The first 5 tracks are more night music while number 6-10

are clearly made for blissful sunsets!
Ka-Sol – on discogs

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Vasily Myazin – Konflux

Konflux is a solo project of the US based DJ and producer Vasily Myazin. Born and raised in Russia he relocated to the states in 2001. Living in Los Angeles and frequenting San Francisco he soon gained recognition within the local psytrance communities.

Having over ten years of experience in producing multifarious styles of electronic dance music, Vasily began making psy-trance in 2004. A light-hearted, elegant, yet pounding and groovy style can be roughly described as “a blend of Light Night and Heavy Morning Psychedelic Music“. Rock, Jazz, [Happy] Hardcore, Drum’n’Bass, Techno and House have all made significant contributions to his style.

Konflux has spun across the United States alongside a multitude of international acts, participating in major events like Gaian Mind in Pennsylvannia, Burning Man in Nevada, Boom Festival Radio in Portugal and countless California outdoor gatherings.

Konflux has tunes released on UK’s Phar Psyde, Italy’s Looney Moon and Pixan, and Israel’s Doof Records. More original tracks are on the way for 2009. He also has a currently inactive collaboration project Jetlux with the LA based producer Jeto, with releases on Divine Balance Records from Chicago and on Mumbai based Sonic Tantra.

Konflux – on discogs

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Zyrack Yankovich – ExtrateRavers

Zyrack Yankovich a.k.a Dj Zyrack is the creator of the musical project ExtrateRavers, born at the beginning of 2008.
This solo musician art work results are a strange mix of goa, psytrance, night psy y dark psy, giving to the audience a
chance to wander between several textures and psytrance sensations. Every composition becomes a story, a drama which
is composed form different emotional/musical states of mind. ExtrateRavers is an alternative to the international model
of psychedelic trance, looking away from the mainstream, aiming to integrate tribal, social and mystical aspects to the
electronic music, thus trying to give more substance to a genre still has a long history for writing.

extrateravers – on soundcloud

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Nano Stark

Nano Stark

Nano Stark – nanostark – N@no

N@no from Chile sends light and blessings to everyone with his music, along with dance is an active healing and meditation technique on the @stral trip!

N @ has not been a DJ since he was 14 years old and attends open air in Chile since 2004, he starts playing as a Psychodelic Trance DJ in 2013
in the Mayan New Year event on Lake Rapel starting to play Psychedelic Night in various cycles and parties of the national scene as
Pukem Pewu, Psychetronic, Woodstaco, Ether Family, Kalfutuhe, Nave Luna, Bong Fest, Cycle Elements, Inti Manque, Haloween in Elqui Valley and
others more.
Supported by the Abhasa records label from Holland, it has gone through the Goa Trance sounds until it reaches the Chill Out, styles that most predominate in its musical folder, influenced by his trips to Polynesia has now created his latest set of Chill Out called Polynesia that comes to relive the magic of the nature and ancestry of Rapa Nui. In 2016, he has the honor of joining the @stral @angels collective participating in the classic party
New Moon Trance, the one that mixes music with the arts.
August traveled to Bolivia to play the GEA Family Festival and from September to October at the mythical Inti Manque that have revolutionized the scene proposing the Family day meeting with children, yoga, and meditation.
For 2017 he presented 2 new sets of Chill Out and Psychedelic Night at Aluna Festival.
2018 -2019 Start playing for the Dutch label Skypeople Music playing at the Psynchrontinum festival, Pandemonium, Nahuel Trip, Corazon Del Colibrí, Psychedelic Flow Collective Crew, Andes Eclipses, Psychedelic Confluence, Communicate Epic Encounter and Fenix ​​Flight.

Nano Stark – on Soundcloud

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J’aime Roco, Tranceluz, Sunyata, Aeternal, 6 Fingers, Crossed Minds, Aqua Colors, Abhasa

With his 39 year (from 1984) experience playing electronic music, J’aime Roco is regarded as the Godfather of Psychedelic Trance in all Latin América. He is with Goa Gil one of the very few remaining DJs to still mix with DAT tapes today.
J’aime worked as DJ in Spain in different parts on “La Ruta de Bacalao – also called “Ruta destroy”
Around percussionist who played a few times with “OLODUM” in Pelourinho, Salvador de Bahia Brazil.
Helped in Return To The Source in London de 4 first events and then moved to Byron Bay in 1995 in where he created with Paul Chambers, ” Beyond The brain” And the first to integrate into the world Butoh Dance into the Psychedelic Trance scene in 1995 in Australia.
His artist name “Tranceluz” (“Light in Trance”) was given to him after playing 32 hours. set at the techno Village Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia in 1997.

He played in Goa during the seasons 1994/1995, 1995/1996, 1996/1997, and 1999/2000.  is playing events around the world since 1995. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with artists such as Nick Taylor (who taught him a lot about production), Prana, Rhythmystec, Ochi Brothers, Makio (Asteroidnos), part of Aeternal,  Sunyata, 6 Fingers, Crossed Minds, Aqua Colors, and Abhasa.

Released in 1999 ” Bali Trance Dua Ribu” with King Coconut Records from  N.Y. USA

J’aime – Tranceluz – on discogs

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Stephane Holweck

Stephane Holweck

Stephane Holweck – Total Eclipse

Frenchman Stephane Holweck started his music career in 1976, when he joined Hungarian Peter
Ogi (O.G.I.) as bass player. OGI signed a deal with Malcolm McLaren, so they moved to
London, UK. In the early 80’s, he played with several South London rock bands, and started
jamming with Youth who had just left Killing Joke, and they formed their own group called
Brilliant. They both played the bass and were boosted by the drumming of Big Paul. The group
recorded various singles and got charted in the independent charts. They were also joined by
Jimmy Cauty, who lived in the same house as Stephane. Ben Watkins joined them in 1983 to
play keyboards on a tour.
In 1984, Stephane created another band called Fresh, with Brandon Beal and Muff O’Donnell. In
1985 they recorded Bobby’s Boys “Bobby Can’t Dance”. An electro single which involved
Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. They went to New York to record an album, but the
collaboration stopped when the record company closed down.
In 1989 he made a band with Ben Watkins called Electrotete, which was a 100% electronic based
music project. They recorded singles for various labels and the project was dedicated to make
party music, sending the tracks to Goa, India via the French DJ Yayo TBE and Fred KNK.
In 1992 Ben and Stef formed Juno Reactor and released the album Transmissions on Nova Mute.
They also involved themselves in the art world when they recorded a live experimental ambient
soundtrack to accompany the sculptural installation of Norma Fletcher (later released as the
Luciana album).
Slowly Stef slowed down his work relationship with Ben, but he was still participating on the
albums Beyond The Infinite, Bible Of Dreams and Shango. In the meantime, to escape the
intensity of working with Juno Reactor, Stef linked up with Serge Souque in Paris at a TBE party
on the famous Delo Barge. They wrote two tracks and recorded them in Youth’s Butterfly Studios
under the name Total Eclipse. Soon after, Loic Vanpoucke joined the band. From there they built
their studio in Serge’s home-town Bordeaux. This project was very successful and Stephane has
continued Total Eclipse as a solo effort since around 2005.
Around 2003, Stephane, together with Michio Baba (who also collaborated on the Total Eclipse
album Update Files), laid the foundations for the chill-out collective Digital Mystery Tour.
Stephane Holweck continues touring around the world and creating new projects such as
Terraformers and Toxic Engine, exploring many different music styles.
Stephane H – on discogs

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Ray Castle

Ray Castle

Ray Castle – Higher Spin States – Insectoid – Mantaray – Masaray – Meta-Pod – Rhythmystec – Sonic Sufi – Tongue ‘N’Tweak

With a pioneer quest, he has ridden all waves of fashion and trend through a multitude of genres: rock, funk, punk, industrial, disco, techno, house, trance, breaks, drum & bass, electro…

NEW SONGS from Tokyo @ raycastlemusic which feature in his film, MANGA MAD, and the forthcoming film, MOON SHADOW.

A DJ, MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, PRODUCER, who sees music as therapy; and understands its capacity to connect with the numinous.


Ray has been an impresario of popular music since the late 60s. In the early 70s he played harmonica in blues rock bands, and promoted and organised gigs for new wave/punk bands in the late 70s.

He started Djing, in the late 70s/early 80s which was the era of: Funk, Ska, Disco and Industrial early electro, later fusing into electronica/house/techno in the late 80s. From ’87, he became one of the influential, original DJs of the Goa party scene in India, which fused house, breaks, dub, techno & rock into a hybrid sound, out of which ‘Goa Psy Trance’ evolved in the early 90s. This was followed by numerous eclectic style releases, collaborations and solo projects.

He introduced the outdoor dance party concept to Japan in the late 80s and early 90s with the festival organisation: ‘Equinox’. And was one of the seminal instigators of the Australian trance party scene in the early 90s:

‘Trance-Elements’, ‘Happy Valley’, ‘Psyharmonics’ parties and early ‘Earthcore’ & Byron Bay ‘Beyond The Brain’.

He continues to DJ at dance party events employing a genius maverick ability to work a dance floor thru cross

genre gear shifts. 2009, his pluralistic penchant encapsulates a quirky, funky, sexy bass-driven fidget electro house booty

tech. A groovilicious synthesis of smart-tickle – piquant dance music – seguing entertaining musical beatific narratives.

More recently he has performed at events in Japan where he has been based in Tokyo

Mus i c B i o :
Writing and performing rock, punk, funk and industrial music during the late 70s and early 80s.
Established Rock and Punk club/bar – Liberty Stage – Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Symonds St, Auckland, NZ.
1979. Show case for ‘new wave’ bands:
The Scavengers, The Features, Toy Love, Spelling Mistakes, Screaming Mee Mees, The Swingers,

The Androids, Proud Scum …
Established alternative art space, – Closet Artists Gallery – Queen St, Auckland, 1980/82.

Promoted emerging artists and themed mixed media exhibitions: ‘Pop Shots’

Rock photography exhibition, Art Clothing, Cartoon Art, solo artist exhibitions:

Phillip Clairmont, Nigel Brown, Dean Buchannan, John Eaden, Kim Gunter, Debra Bustin, Stuart Page…

Awarded NZ Arts Council Travel grant in 1983, to travel to America and Europe.

Lectured on NZ art. Rap and hip hop performer/writer during the mid 83/84.
DJing at ‘psychedelic’ disco/techno parties in Goa, India, Tokyo, Europe, ‘86 – ‘94.
Organised and played at first Psy-Trance Goa style parties in
Japan, ’87, ’88, ’89. ’90, ’91 (SK Studio Tokyo). Tokyo Techno Tribe/Equinox, early 90s.
Organised and played at first Psy-Trance, Goa style parties in Europe (Pagan Productions) in Amsterdam, ’88 and Berlin Art
Festival. ’90, ‘91 Pagan Productions.
Throughout the 90s has toured in Europe and Japan playing all major ‘Psy Trance’ events including The Voov Experience
(Germany), Return To The Source (London), Tip Party (London).
Moved to Byron Bay, Australia ’94. Organised and DJed at the first wave of outdoor Goa-style parties in North NSW, Queensland,
Melbourne and Sydney. Performed at ‘Beyond The Brain’ events in Byron Bay, mid 90s.

Returned to Tokyo 2005. Making films, recording music and djing at events. SPACE GATHERING, an outdoor mixed media art and left-field music event. TOKYO DECADANCE, a theatrical ‘cosplay’ quasi-fetish party club events. NAGISA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Continues to DJ/perform at selective events.


Ray C – on discogs

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Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor – Bliss – Prana – Taiyo – Snake Thing – Rhythmystec – Reflecta – Parasonix – Slot Machine

Nick Taylor began producing electronic music in Tokyo in 1990 as Blissed with Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Take Tokuda. In 1993 Blissed released their album ‘Rite of Passage’ through Frankfurt label Pod Communications. The same year, Nick and Tsuyoshi moved to London and began producing as Prana and Taiyo, releasing numerous tracks on labels such as Dragonfly, Step 2 House, Inter 1, A Concept in Dance and Tsuyoshi’s label Matsuri Productions.

In 1994 Nick moved to Byron Bay, Australia and began producing solo tracks as Snake Thing released through TIP, as well as collaborations such as Rhythmystec with Ray Castle (Matsuri), Reflecta with Jeh Kaelin (Psy Harmonics) and Parasonix with AB (Psy Harmonics). Since the nineties Nick has Dj-ed all around the World playing his unique brand of dirty, psychedelic techno at events such as Burning Man in Nevada, Rainbow Serpent in Australia and Solstice in Japan as well as working on his electro-rock project, Slot Machine, with Sean Candy (AB) and Melaine Knight.

Nick T – on discogs

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